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SharePoint 2010/2013 Powershell Script Generator
SharePoint 2010/2013 List Powershell Script Generator.
Alpha Release v0.3.

A Simple GUI based application to get powershell script of list which are already present in the SharePoint Site.This idea is based on "Generate Script" action in SQL

Current Release Notes
Current release is alpha version.It requires many improvements and bug fixes.
Since the recommended release code is based on Server Object Model.The Application needs to be run on Server and has to be run as administrator.

Alternative downloads include SharePoint 2010 CSOM version and SharePoint 2013 CSOM version.

Alternative Downloads

Future Roadmap
1. Allow scripts for the data as well.
2. Will surely look forward to create it using SOA.

Version Change History v0.3
1. Much awaited Client executable libraries added. Now the tool can be run at remote machines.
2. SharePoint 2013 Compatible executable version added

Any suggestions are welcome.
If you wish to give feedback from any other account.Please give your feedback on the below url.
SharePoint List Script Generator Feedback

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